Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pray Without Ceasing

It is incredible to think about how the God of the entire universe is intimately acquainted with all the details of our lives. I love that I can go to God at any moment of everyday and ask Him for prayer and for thanksgiving. Whether it to be for a dear friend, for one of our youth group students, or simply for guidance for my upcoming day.

One of the passions I have in life is praying. I think my favorite part of praying is seeing God be faithful to what I have asked of Him. Especially in the minute details of life. Time and time again, especially lately I have seen him work in my life and the lives of those around me. I continue to see God work through my Physical Therapist to help my foot become stronger and to help its range of movement return. I still have some work to do in that area, but it is getting better. The left side of my body continues to strengthen more and more as each day passes.

Yesterday was an incredible answer to prayer. One of our youth group students had to have surgery on his heart to help regulate his heartbeats. It was said that if all went well and that if a certain vein was on the right side of his heart he would be able to be operated and released on the same day. If the vein was on the left side of the heart they would have to puncture a hole in his heart to reach it and he would have to stay longer in the hospital. Well we received the news yesterday that He was released yesterday and doing quite well. If he continues to do well he will be released to go back to school tomorrow (Wednesday) and then be able to start football again next week. Praise God for great reports! Please continue to pray that he continue to be healthy.

On a different note...I need your prayers. Aaron and I received a phone call late last night from our previous next door neighbor (Debbie), she currently babysits Katherine when we are working. She stated that her brother-in-law (whose son recently passed away) passed away earlier yesterday. (Him and her sister-in-law moved into our previous home back in July). Please keep them in your prayers this week.

Also another prayer request...my co-worker's parents were recently moved here from Florida due to health and safety reasons. Patti's parents have recently both broken their hips, have had surgery on them, gone through physical therapy, and are currently here in Houston. Both her parents have a series of medical problems and her father just recently left ICU to be placed in a long-term care acute hospital. He has been battling with pneumonia since moving from Florida a couple of weeks ago. His status is up and down everyday. My co-worker goes to check up on each of her parents individually since they are both in different facilities (her mother is in an assisted living center). It has been stressful and draining on her. Please pray for her parents health and for her.

One last prayer request for today. Ever since returning back to work in August, I have been battling with extreme fatigue. I almost feel like I am in my first trimester of my pregnancy again but worse...LOL (some of you can relate to this). Some days are better than others, but it has been difficult. I am currently only working 12 hours a week (usually Mon., Wed., and Fridays for four hours each day) having a day in between to rest. I typically get home from work, eat lunch, and take a 2-3 hour nap. By that time usually Aaron and Katherine arrive home and I am rested so that I can give them my time and attention. I thought since it has been a little over a month that my fatigue would have gotten better, but it continues to still be a problem. Yesterday I heard back from the neurooncologists office and they are sending a referral for me to go to the Fatigue Clinic at M.D. Anderson. Please pray that I am able to overcome this battle without having to take any more medication.

Thank you all for listening to my heart today and thank you for you for praying without ceasing.

In His love...I pray that you have a wonderful and blessed day!