Friday, February 19, 2010


It has been way too long since I have blogged on our site. So many things, appointments, work, etc. seem to be more of a priority above my writing. Which has made me think lately...Tina where are your priorities? Are they where they need to be? Where God wants them to be?

I think that sometimes our priorities are where they need to be, but at other times the focus is not quite where it should be. I have to ask myself day in and day this where "I" want to be or where GOD wants me to be. Over the past few months I have tried to make it a priority to pray specifically that wherever I am at and whatever I am doing that God use me in some way whether big or small to make a difference in someone else's life. Even though we don't always immediately see what difference we are making in the lives of those around us...know that you are planting seeds in others' lives. There is always a time for planting, watering, and seeing the harvest of the seeds you have planted. Whether for good or bad you are always planting seeds.

What types of seeds are you planting?

Speaking of planting...for those of you who have been praying for us...know that your seeds have been very fruitful. God has been amazing this past year (Can you believe it has been a full year since I was diagnosed with the brain tumor?)! On March 3rd it will be one year since I have been tumor/cancer free!!!!! This past week I went for my regular 3 month scan and we received the great news of being free of cancer. Praise God for his goodness!!!

On that note, today, I was speaking with a coworker whose high school coach was diagnosed with Sarcoma (a type of cancer that encompasses many forms of that cancer). I have been praying for him and his family over the past week or so since I heard the news and I asked how he was doing. At one point in the conversation, she stated that her and another one of our colleagues were talking about cancer and the colleague stated, "Why can't cancer just happen to bad people?"

I hesitated for a moment...thinking "yeah why can't cancer just happen to bad people." But then I said to her "then people wouldn't have a testimony to tell." We then continued our conversation about his situation and family. Please if you are reading this...pray for this coach and his family...I don't have permission to disclose his name so I will refrain from doing so, but I know that God will still hear your prayers.

After coming home from work I began to replay that conversation in my head and I began to meditate on "why it is that certain things happen to good people." In the end, it dawned on me...this life that God has given us isn't truly our own. We live this life unto Him (God) that gave it to us;therefore, everything that we do and everything that happens to us is for God's glory. The way I figure it, God says He uses all things for the good for those who believe in Him. And in my Christy Nockels' song (Life Light Up) says..."whether I live or die may God be glorified." In some way or fashion when we go through the storms of life...there is always some good through that. And whether we see the good in our lifetime or not...we must have faith to believe that there is a big purpose of good through that storm. A grander purpose. And that life isn't just about us, but the bigger picture of God Himself being glorified.

Until next time...