Monday, April 27, 2009

Great and Patient News...

Praise God for great news. From what the neurosurgeon said and could tell from the MRI, there was no re-growth of cancerous cells. He does, however, want us to go see a neuro-oncologist…seemingly more so for preventative measures. How he explained the situation to us was that when they resect a tumor there can be residual cells around the tumor that can’t all be removed (which can be cancerous).

Think about it in this way…if you have two different colors (pink and blue lumps) of sand and you dump the pink one on top of the blue one, you can probably remove the majority of the pink color from the blue one, but you may still have some granules of pink sand in the blue one after removing the mass of the pink lump. Just because it would be too difficult to pick out all of the pink granules. That’s kinda how it works with a tumor and brain cells.
Ultimately he told us we have three options: do nothing and get an MRI in three months to see if there has been any re-growth of cancerous cells, have oral chemotherapy, or have chemo and radiation. Dr. Comair, our neurosurgeon said he would call the neuro-oncologist tomorrow to talk with him about his opinion and then we are to go see the neuro-oncologist sometime within the next week or so.

In the end…God has the say so. Yes he gives us wisdom, doctors, and discernment to make the right choices for ourselves, but ultimately He has the last word.
So since patience is a virtue we must all possess…Aaron and I will wait patiently for the next appointment. We Love you all. Thank you so much for your continued love and support. We couldn’t be where we are today if it hadn’t been for you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moving Forward...

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised. –Hebrews 10:36
These words have been such an anchor for me these past few weeks . A friend of mine sent this scripture to me and it has really helped me continue to push through and continue to move forward.
I’ll be real honest here and say, these past few weeks have been difficult for me emotionally and somewhat physically. I arrived home from TIRR on April 16th. I am so happy to be home in my own bed (without any interruptions in the middle of the night from nurses or other hospital staff) and be home so I can be a mommy to Katie and a wife to Aaron. I am ready for our life to move forward. I really have to just keep telling myself that I have to be grateful where I am at in life because so many others have it harder than us. I just think about some of the families that have loved ones that have been in rehab for several months...I know that God just gives them the grace to go through their situations. And I just thank God that I have been so blessed to have my in-laws here to help with Katie and the affairs of our household. For if it weren't for them...I don't know where we would have been.

I have to truly apologize for not writing on our blog these past couple of weeks...I have started writing a few times...but I never finished (the perfectionistic part of me coming out...I just wanted my words to just be so perfect that I never got around to finishing what I had tonight I finally just said...I needed to just write, with no if, ands, or buts about it!). Thank you for being patient with me.

Many things have happened since I last wrote...lets see if I can remember all that has happened.

Before we left TIRR on April 16th we were able to leave on a pass for Easter. We had a great time at church and loved being at home with Katie and my in-laws.

Later the next week I was discharged from TIRR (April 16th) and Tuesday (April 21st) I had an appointment with Mentis (the post acute therapy place). I was evaluated for OT, PT, speech and to see what groups that they felt may be beneficial to me.

Today (Thursday April 23rd), they gave me my schedule for my therapies for this next week. The OT, PT, and speech all said really positive comments about how well I was doing…given that I only had surgery such a short time ago. OT and speech both mentioned that I would probably only be with them for a pretty short period of time because I was doing so well in those areas. I still have some strengthening to do in PT for my left leg…I am continuing to not be able to move my left foot from side to side and upwards. Although the good thing is that she feels that there is a flicker of movement in my ankle…which just means that it is only with time that I should regain my movement and strength. So in the meantime…continue to pray for my foot, for strength, and for endurance. Soon my in-laws will be leaving and I will be home with Katie during the day. Even though she is walking now (which makes it much easier on me). She still requires for us to take her up and down the stairs at some point. When I have to be at the house by myself with her…we will modify things to help limit having to go up and down the stairs during the day (e.g. keeping her play yard downstairs for her to nap in, etc).

I had my MRI this past Friday (April 17th) and we will know our results on Monday (27th). Yes, our appt. was rescheduled again. This appointment basically will let us know what our next step in our process will be (e.g. will I have to have chemotherapy, or just follow-up MRI’s to make sure that I continue to be tumor free!, etc). Please continue to pray that the MRI shows no signs of re-growth of cancerous cells.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Praise Report...

Thanks to all who prayed for my roommate, Kristin. The family received a wonderful praise report. Her CT scans came back negative (which is a good thing). The doctors reported that all was well, as far as neurologically and that her CT scan was better than the last one! Thank God for His grace and mercy.

Prayer Request

Allright prayer warriors...the battle is on...please pray for my roommate...who right now (12:45 p.m.) as I type this is being taken to St. Luke's for a CT scan due to some concerning neurological signs. Pray that all goes well and that the CT scan shows no problems.

Thanks for reading this blog and praying for her!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wednesday was “rounds” day (On the previous blog I explained what “rounds” day encompassed). Decisions were made and we are back to our April 16th discharge date…I guess they loved me so much they just wanted to keep me longer…LOL J …even though I wish in my head I would be able to leave on the 8th…in the bigger picture and in my heart I know that is what is best and God has given me peace in my spirit about leaving a little later (on the 16th)…He is always faithful and knows what is best. Last week when they had rounds they went back and forth between the 8th and the 16th and basically they told me the wrong discharge date. Both my physical and occupational therapist asked this past week about my discharge date and I said the 8th and they both thought they had decided the 16th. Anyhow, it was then they we figured out that they had given me the wrong date. So I had a few days to prepare my heart to hear ultimately that I would be leaving a week later (it may not seem like a big deal, but when you have your heart set on something…it can be disappointing when you don’t get what you expected.) I know we can all relate to that. And to be honest, I struggled with that for a little while…and God reminded me (as He always does)…I have a purpose for you being here. That stopped me in my tracks quick. LOL.

I am still expected to leave here and go to the post acute therapy place ( Mentis) and I will still just be there during the day and at home in the evenings. J They mentioned that I was still making great progress in therapy. They have me back in my Pool Therapy group and my PHOENIX group, which I was in the week before last, ( PHOENIX is a group focused on providing me the opportunity to use my cognitive and physical skills which will help me be more independent and prepare me for my discharge when I leave TIRR…so when I go home I can be prepared for the challenges that I may face (e.g. what I need to do to get my driver’s license reinstated and getting back to everyday routines, like cooking and cleaning…practical things).

The next on the agenda was our day pass for Palm Sunday. It was approved! Yay! Thanks to those who prayed for us about that. I am so excited (as I smile from ear to ear). We also talked about medication issues…I won’t really bore you with that.

Lastly we talked about our follow-up appointment with our neurosurgeon. We rescheduled our appointment due to my discharge date changing. On April 20th at 2:30 p.m. we have our appointment with Dr. Comair. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say! We have a follow-up MRI on April 17th at 9 a.m. Please pray that we have a good report and that they don’t find any of the tumor coming back!

Last Saturday was Katie’s birthday party. We began the party at the park near our house, but it was so windy and a little chilly too (at least for us Texans…LOL), that we had to move the party to our house in the front yard. Aaron and I were a little disappointed that we couldn’t have the party at the park…like I said earlier when you have a certain expectation and things don’t necessarily go that way…disappointments happen. I suppose that is just life…God had better plans though (but when doesn’t He?...LOL). We ended up having the party in our front yard, which worked out perfectly…all the wind was blocked by the surrounding homes and our vehicles; therefore, it wasn’t too cold, it was sunny and beautiful outside and the setting with everyone in our front yard made the party very intimate…it was just perfect for Katie’s first birthday!

My roommate left on April 1st to another facility…I wish she had longer here at TIRR. I think that she could have made so much progress; even though she made lots of progress while she was here. God has been so gracious to us…Mary was a wonderful roommate. On Friday, April 3rd, I moved to another room, and received another wonderful roommate…with a strong Christian family. Oh how God is so good to us! He is ever so faithful. My new roommate is Kristin. Please pray for her full recovery here is a little excerpt from her blog about her story:

Kristin is currently at TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. She's been diagnosed with AVM- Arteriovenous Malformation, a congenital defect. Kristin is a freshman at Texas A&M University. Her current major is Biology, but she's planning to switch to nursing during her next semester. She just had a great Christmas break with her family in Houston, including a trip to Orlando Florida. In College Station on Monday night, January 19th, after spending the day with her boyfriend Jeremy, Kristin complained of a headache and dizzyness. Then her speech became slurred. Jeremy took her immediately to the ER where she became unconscious and underwent a CAT scan and later an MRI which revealed the AVM and an aneurism which caused bleeding in her brain. On Tuesday night she was transported by helicopter to Houston.

Kristin has been here at TIRR for about 2 weeks and because of insurance reasons can only stay only for 2 more weeks…they will be having a fundraiser for her and her family. Please pray for God’s financial provisions for them. Here is the fundraiser information…Saturday, May 2 is Kristin's fundraiser event at Cypress Christian School. If you would like more information, or want to donate or help in any way, please visit Please pray about their situation.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's time to party...

Ok i figured it was time for me to post something (this is aaron writing). I just read Tina's recent blog and i was smiling at her analogies. I just love her so much :) Sometimes I don't hear all the details of how everything is going in therapy (even though I am staying the night at the hospital) because at the end of the day we are both so tired we just sit, smile at each other and rest. Can anyone relate? the title says, It is time to party. Grand Opening Party that is. This Sunday "Palm Sunday" will be the grand opening service at Thrive Church - a new church in Katy Texas that Tina and I are having the honor of helping to get started (we were supposed to be helping out a lot more but God obviously had different plans of how he was going to use us these past 2 months - so recently our "help" has been mainly prayers). We know that many of you who are reading this are committed members at other churches and our goal isn't to pull you away...ultimately we are trying to reach the people in Katy who don't have a church home or don't even have a relationship with God yet. However...we would love for anyone and everyone to come out and visit us this Sunday (no committments). There should be lots of fun stuff for the kids, and free food plus you might get a chance to see Tina walking :)

Whether you come out or not please keep us in your prayers that we would be able to share Christ's love with the people in that area in a real and practical way...what I like to call "100% pure Jesus...with no "organized religious" fillers or self-righteous preservatives added." Mmmm, now that sounds refreshing.