Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Whole Year and Counting... marks an entire year of being cancer free! Thank you Lord for the amazing journey you have taken us on. You are so faithful to ALWAYS be there.

It is so amazing how good my God is. At every moment, at every turn, at every step, at every beat of our hearts...God is with us. He opens our eyes to things unimaginable and to the things unseen. He fills our hearts and spirits with a grace and peace that surpasses all understanding. In our desolate and desperate moments when we feel like a barren wasteland, like we are laid waste on an open city street, and when our whole body is injured and afflicted...our GOD is ALWAYS there!

When we trust in Him, he promises us restoration, a dwelling in which we will find refuge, and to always be a present help in our time of need. The journey of this past year has been one of tremendous trust and faith in our God. He has brought us THROUGH a path that we would have never chosen on our own and has been amazingly faithful every single moment of the way...even the moments in which we felt like we were hanging at the edge of a cliff by a single finger before falling...God was there to lift us back up and say "don't worry, I AM here."

I am ever so grateful to be alive and to be a glorious testimony of my Father God's truth and unshakeable word. For every promise that His word says...remember that He WILL honor it.. For today I can say...I am living proof...a MIRACLE of God's miraculous healing power.

Here's to many more years of living...

In His Grace. Tina.