Friday, December 24, 2010

Celebrating the True Reason for the Season...

It's Christmas Eve today and I read my last blog entry [about God being in control and us being here "for such a time as this"] and this morning I read my daily devotional [by Bonnie Chavda] and this is how it began, "Have you ever stopped to think about the scenes leading up to Jesus' birth in their very human terms? We often wrap the Christmas story in a halo-like glow of wonder and the comfort of knowing the end of the story! But in between the awe of angelic visitation, the shining star and the rich gifts from the Magi, there was an impossible promise, wagging tongues of a scandalized community, a confused fiance, heartbroken parents, a bony donkey's back and a very dirty stable. Mary's blessing came with a lot of contradictions! God's promises are often like that."

Some days it can be difficult for us to understand and wrap our head around the thought of, how even in the midst of difficult and trying situations, God has a plan...and in fact a PERFECT plan. I can't help but think, 'what if Mary hadn't accepted that she was having God's child?' and 'what would have happened if Joseph had dismissed the angel that came to him?' Well I praise God that those scenarios never came to pass for Mary and Joseph were placed "for such a time as this." God obviously perfectly planned who would be "the parents" of His son. Even though the scenario seemed imperfect in so many ways...God perfected it with the birth of His son. He perfectly chose those who would carry out His plan.

I love the fact that we can celebrate this Christmas season with such joy and peace because God's son was born! I pray that your focus this season is to remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas. Enjoy tomorrow by celebrating the birth of Christ.I pray peace, joy, and love over you and yours!

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