Thursday, December 6, 2012

A new beginning....

When I was a child I used to wear glasses. I didn't like wearing them but I had to in order to see clearly. Eventually I got contacts and that was better but I still wished that I could see without any extra help. Eventually I had surgery on my eyes and that was such a blessing because after that I nearly had 20/20 vision...and yet. At times I still felt like my vision was a little blurry....until one day. I was in the hospital with Tina and because of everything that had been going on my emotions were high and my heart was heavy with sadness. As I sat in the silence staring out the window tears started to fill my eyes. I didn't try to hold back any of the tears or wipe them away and so they flowed freely...and then I noticed something. All of a sudden I could see clearer than ever before. Everything was so sharp and crisp and clear. I realized that the tears apparently caused some sort of refraction in how the light entered my eyes (similar to glasses or contacts). It was in that moment that I felt like God spoke to my heart and I realized that so many times in life our "vision" in clouded by things that really don't matter... and then pain enters our life and brings clarity to that which is most important....those we love and He who loves us more than we could ever imagine...our Heavenly Father.

Update: All of our prayers have been answered! Tina is finally Healed! This morning Tina took her last breath and is now dancing, running, laughing and smiling. I can just picture her running into the arms of Jesus. He runs towards her and lifts her up into the air and then spins her around and around like a little girl. Her hair is blowing, her eyes are glistening with joy, her smile is brighter and more vibrant than ever before. There are no more more more sickness. I can only imagine the wonders that she is seeing right now! Oh how I miss her already and yet my heart is at peace knowing that my Tina, my beautiful wife, the loving mother of Katie, my best friend is finally home in Heaven. I am assured of that fact because many years ago Tina gave her life to Jesus Christ and ever since then she has been a shining reflection of His love. Tina leaves behind her a LEGACY of this love that will last forever and so this is not the is a NEW BEGINNING.

I believe with all my heart that if Tina could speak to you one last time from this blog this is what she would say..."Give your heart to Jesus and He will give you life. Do it today. He will heal you like He healed me :)" Love, Tina

Praise be to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.

- a messenger of God, a servant of Jesus Christ and the most blessed husband and father in the world:

Aaron martin (husband of Tina Lin Martin and father to Katie Lin Martin).

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