Friday, March 13, 2009


Today was day two of therapy at TIRR. Last night I got more sleep here than I have in the past two weeks...of course that is all due to medications, surgery, people just checking up on me and making sure I was getting the best care in ICU and on the regular floor at St. Luke's. My care on the ICU units was phenomenal; however, if you understand ICU it is intensive care...meaning people are checking your blood pressure, drawing blood, or taking you to some MRI, CT scan or poking you with a needle for blood cultures almost every single moment you are there. It was intense to say the least and physically exhausting. So all that to say...I had such a restful night and it made my day, which was full of intense therapy, go well.

I am currently in individual Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy. As the week progresses next week I will be a part of other therapies, but those will definitely be group based. They sound like some really neat will be a pool/water therapy group. I am totally pumped about that. Another group that they mentioned was a "cognitive group" (not really sure what that means, but she did mention that there are a range of cognitive skills in the group), another group that was mentioned was a group on people re-learning to use their hands. As time goes on, I will tell you more about the details.

For all of my co-workers and those that actually understand what Aaron and I do for a living.... This experience has given me a whole new perspective on our careers and what we can do to improve ourselves, not only as clinicians, but as parents, and being on the "other side as the patient/client". It helped me not only be sympathetic, but of course be empathetic as well. God has been faithful to show me the areas of my career that I need improvement in. Being compassionate and being passionate for what I do, are two of the things that need to be added to my evaluation performance (are you taking notes Janet...she is my supervisor for those of you who don't know). The best supervisor you could ever have too!

For those of you at my guys will get a laugh out of this. Like I said earlier I am now in OT, PT, and Speech and eventually they will do cognitive testing. Of course they have to give me initial evaluations ...well they are going to eventually have to give me neuropsych tests...which they of course tried to already ask me questions about the WISC and were thinking of using the WJ and of course I had to be honest, confess, and say I knew a little something about the tests....just a LITTLE something. LOL.

I wanted to just add and give God some glory in this BLOG...I have had a phenomenal nurse here named Rosa who is a strong Christian and has been encouraging my heart to continue to strive and work hard. She has been so so sweet. Oh how good God is... all the time. Today I had the opportunity to pray with one of the nurse's assistants about her relationship with a guy that she has been with on and off for the past twenty or so years...she truly wants a stable guy and marriage. It was so humbling to be able to pray for her; she said "I really didn't know how to pray for that...thanks. " P.S. I used both of my hands to type this blog and i am making great progress on using my left hand and making leaps and bounds being able to use my left side of my body...not quite standing on my left leg, but I know that God will make it come soon...I am working really hard.

- Tina


  1. Tina and Aaron,

    I don't know if you can imagine what an inspiration of faith you have become. You are "salt" and you are "light" to all who see God's unfailing love working through you, Aaron, and Katie. Your light shines far around the world testifying that "He will never leave you nor forsake you" [Dt 3:16]. Your light shines brightest to those near you. How greatly we take for granted God's goodness, how casually we live with God's protection, and how easily we forget His gracious salvation. You remind us all that God is love and through your trials He is showing others that the Lord alone is our Refuge, our Strength, and our very present Help in our time of need [Ps. 46.1].

    We love you and we give God all the praise for your full recovery. Amen!!

    In Christ's love,
    Israel and your Lakewood family

  2. I'm glad you are doing much better:) You are at a great place to recieve your rehabilitation, me and Jamie know that especially with PT:) May you remain such an inspiration for the people that are working with you and it is enlightening to be on the other side of the lense as being the patient.
    Keep working and continually praying for your recovery:)

  3. TINA!! Man girl, I was falling asleep the other night but I had it on my heart to pray for you before I turned in. Know that God is working on your behalf! I love you.. miss you... and as soon as you are ready for it.. would love to come visit. I am proud of you and your faith in God. You are amazing and it makes me smile knowing you just had brain surgery, but YOU are praying for your nurse and your dear husband is asking us to pray for your roommate. You guys have hearts of gold. I can't wait to meet the man who won your heart!

  4. Tina, after reading your recent blogs, it appears that the truth of the matter is being are not the one in need:) Praise God, Jesus already sealed your fate in you have known. Your situation is just a means for you to be there for others via this blog and in person. So continue to harken to the voice of the Lord as He puts you around those He needs to touch through you. Seems like your dream has already started;), perhaps not in the way your expected but you know God always does things the way He wants and in most cases it's not the way we expect, but He never fails to deliver on a desire He has placed in our hearts:)...Signed, The Sweeties

  5. Tina, we have not met, however we do have a connection. As a truly committed follower of Jesus Christ, you are such an inspiration. I admire your faith and trust in God. You guys are doing all the right things. I wish continuous blessings to your family and a special prayer of continuous endurance and courage to Aaron and you.