Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's time to party...

Ok i figured it was time for me to post something (this is aaron writing). I just read Tina's recent blog and i was smiling at her analogies. I just love her so much :) Sometimes I don't hear all the details of how everything is going in therapy (even though I am staying the night at the hospital) because at the end of the day we are both so tired we just sit, smile at each other and rest. Can anyone relate? the title says, It is time to party. Grand Opening Party that is. This Sunday "Palm Sunday" will be the grand opening service at Thrive Church - a new church in Katy Texas that Tina and I are having the honor of helping to get started (we were supposed to be helping out a lot more but God obviously had different plans of how he was going to use us these past 2 months - so recently our "help" has been mainly prayers). We know that many of you who are reading this are committed members at other churches and our goal isn't to pull you away...ultimately we are trying to reach the people in Katy who don't have a church home or don't even have a relationship with God yet. However...we would love for anyone and everyone to come out and visit us this Sunday (no committments). There should be lots of fun stuff for the kids, and free food plus you might get a chance to see Tina walking :)

Whether you come out or not please keep us in your prayers that we would be able to share Christ's love with the people in that area in a real and practical way...what I like to call "100% pure Jesus...with no "organized religious" fillers or self-righteous preservatives added." Mmmm, now that sounds refreshing.


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