Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Day of Celebration...

Yesterday we went back for our three month check-up at the neurosurgeon's office. We arrived and were greeted by warm smiles. I just love my neurosurgeon and his nurse practitioner. They are wonderful people. We told them how things were going with rehab and the news from the neurooncologist. They were happy to hear about all the great things going on. The great news we heard when from him was he stated that in six months I will be able to start being weaned off of my seizure medications!!! Yay! I am so excited. He said he would wean me slowly for about a month (but I will not be able to drive during the time he is weaning me...just in case I should have a seizure occur). After then we will just continue to pray that I don't have any seizures occur. We have been asking all my doctors "why I might have a seizure...since the tumor is gone?" Well consensus says, "Scar tissue...after surgery you may have scar tissue that can cause seizures." Finally the mystery in my head resolved.

I pray that you have a wonderful and greatly blessed day today. I am now off to go to speech and physical therapy! Love you!

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