Monday, April 30, 2007

The Miracle in You...

It was very refreshing to hear my Pastor this weekend talking about how We can be the "miracle" in someone's life. Whether it be just a smile or a word of encouragement or paying for someone's school tuition who can't afford it.

This topic is something that I have prayed about for the past few years...many days in my daily quiet time I ask God to present opportunities for me to bless others or tell others about my faith. The funny thing is I think I ask God to bring these opportunities, but my eyes aren't always open to the "little" things I can do. I know that I am not a perfect being, but I truly believe that my heart is in the right place. Sometimes I wonder the times that I do try my best to show God's love...if people even see that.

But today God showed me how the "little" things can be miracles. Let me take you back to a few months supervisor gave all of the people in my office a "coupon" for a free lunch with her on the day of our choice. So today I decided that it was the perfect day to use my "coupon." I invited her to lunch and another co-worker of mine joined us as well (for she had yet to use her coupon too). On our way to the restaurant I was telling them about "The Legacy" (for those of you who don't know the story...I'll leave it for another day), the children's shelter that God has placed in my heart to open. I told of how God was ordaining my steps and how only He knows what would happen in the months to come.

As I finished my story... my "little" miracle came. My supervisor told how she appreciated how open I was about my faith. She stated that at the time that she hired me, she was really struggling with her faith...and how I was "her gift" that God sent. I suppose because I talked about God openly and freely this helped her. After that moment, it was reassurance to me that I am making a difference in the lives of people around me. So remember even in the times that you don't feel like you are impacting the world around you...know that someone is always listening and watching.

I pray that you begin to really seek ways in which you can be the light in someone else's dark world.

Until next time...Dios te Bendiga.

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