Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well here is some news in our end of the world. We received a phone call today from the neuro-oncologists office. They basically said that the oncologist that we were referred to was booked up until June 11th and we were asked if we wanted to wait or if we wanted to go with another neuro-oncologist. We opted to call Dr. Comair's (our neurosurgeon) office for advice. Dr. Comair called us (it was really great to hear from him) and asked me (Tina) how I was doing. He was excited to hear that my foot was moving up and down. We talked to him about our concerns with the neuro-oncologists office. He stated that he had already spoken to Dr. Jung (the neuro-oncologist) about my case and that he would give his office a call tomorrow (Wednesday) or by the latest on Thursday. Lord I just pray for favor! I just have faith that we will get an appointment sometime by the end of next week and we will have made decisions by then! In Jesus name.

I know that I am not any better than the person before me, but what I do know is that I am the apple of my Daddy God's eye...and I take refuge under his wings and I rejoice. I know that because I honor him...He wants to give me blessings and bring me favor in the eye of those around me. Ultimately, I pray for favor for an appointment next week and ask humbly for you to stand with me in this prayer.

Thank you for those that continue to pray for us and stay with us on this journey. For we know that because you are praying for us...God is honoring our prayers.

We love you. We'll keep you updated as we get news about our next appointment.

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  1. hi tina
    its just me your sister Maribel(out in ca)just stoping in to get update.. all sound great! I believe that if you ask you will recv.Im glad that things are looking good.Good luck/blessing at appt today..your probably in waiting room right now. Im excited for your recovery hope to hear from you soon : ) say hi to your family for me big hugs and kissed to little one.
    love your big sis Maribel:)