Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God's Sovereignty...

Over the past several days I have dealt with headaches, neckaches, and tension in my body. The past couple of days it seems that I allowed myself to begin to focus on my circumstances and I permitted my thoughts to be consumed with the "what IF's, what are we going to do?, where do I begin?" All of these external circumstances that I focused on, began to overwhelm me and I felt as if my whole world seemed to be collapsing right in front of my eyes. I know that it may seem a bit extreme, but that seemed like my reality at the moment.

Oh how quickly we can get so wrapped up in our own little worlds and circumstances and soon forget that it is not us nor the world that dictate what shall happen over the affairs in our life, but it is our Sovereign God.
God used a friend of mine to remind me of that yesterday and this morning I read this scripture in my devotional.

In 1 Samuel 2:1 (New King James Version) it says, "And Hannah prayed and said:

“My heart rejoices in the LORD;
My horn is exalted in the LORD.
I smile at my enemies,
Because I rejoice in Your salvation."

When I read these words, they put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. They reminded me of what the true meaning of salvation was and what Jesus Christ sacrificed for me on the cross. It allowed me to be reminded of all of the blessings that the Lord has given me. These words brought forth the memories of all the things in life that I have to be thankful for. It gave me confidence in God's sovereignty over my life and reminded me to acknowledge His ultimate control over all things and all circumstances.

At times, when you are in the midst of a moment, it can be difficult to look outside of it, but reminded today of God's supreme control over your life. Ultimately, when we allow God to reign in our hearts, our minds, our thoughts, and our lives. We give him the power to bless us beyond our belief. He gives supernatural grace and blessings upon every circumstance and situation IF we allow Him into our lives. Praise God for all the good gifts in your life and acknowledge that He has you in the palm of His hand.

"supreme power"


  1. Tina,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, they have become invaluable to me through my trials and health situations. Lately they have served as a reminder of how good our God is, even when my body isn't. If you can, please pray for me, and my healing. I have been fighting a debilitating sickness for the last 3 years, and right now I have too few people to agree with me in prayer for healing. Thank you again, for everything.

  2. Dearest Anonymous,

    I just wanted you to know that I prayed for you this morning. This was my prayer...
    Father God I come to you on behalf of this person and ask you to heal them. You are the Lord almighty, the creator of the heavens and the earth. You have taken away their disease and bore their sickness. Therefore, we refuse to allow sickness to dominate their body. Father your life flows within them, bringing life into every fiber of their being (Matthew 8:16; John 6:63). God I ask that you flow into every cell of their body and bring life into their flesh. Give them your hope and your strength to go through each and everyday. Bring others that are strong believers in your word to surround them, lift them up, and encourage them through your life-giving words. In Jesus Name. Amen.