Thursday, January 26, 2012

Messages from God...

Have you ever felt like God was delivering a message especically just for you? I mean...maybe it was a song on the radio, a billboard, a hug from a friend or a sermon from your pastor that came just at the right time. Well...check this out. Over the past several days Tina has had various nurses working with her at MD Anderson and I believe that God especially picked two just for us. When we first got there one of her nurses name's was Comfort! After we were there a few days and were feeling tired the night nurse told us that the morning nurse's name would be Mercy. Can you believe that! Mercy would be coming in the morning! It just reminded me that God's mercies are new for us each and every day when we seek and trust Him.

Ok so here is the latest update as of Thursday, January 26th. Tina has been released from the hospital and is resting here at the house (the hospital indicated that she had to be released before she could see the neurosurgeon in his clinic so thank God she was stable enough to come home). She had a rough night last night (hypersensitive to any noise, lights, etc..) but is resting today in a very low stimulation environment and is doing much better. We are scheduled to go see her neurogsurgeon tomorrow morning @ 9am and her surgery is tenatively scheduled for next Thursday, Feb. 2nd., but we will find out for sure tomorrow. We are hoping and believing for a supernatural healing although ultimiately we have placed the entire situation in God's almighty hands and have bowed our knee and desires to His will.

More updates to come later...

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