Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am your offering...

I have been reminded over the past week time and time again of what Christ bore on the cross for us. It was our weaknesses he carried, it was our sorrows that weighed him down, he was wounded and crushed for our sins, he was beaten that we may be healed (Isaiah 53:4-5). God sacrificied His one and only son, so that we may have life, life more abundantly. Christ was God's chosen servant, the ultimate sacrifice.

After having this past week to be reminded of God's peace, I was super excited when I received the phone call from the radiation department yesterday (I know it sounds cRaZy that I was actually excited!). I felt like a kid in a candy shop that had been waiting all day (in my case a week) to eat the candy they had bought. They told me my consultation appointment would be on Friday (22nd) at 9 a.m. I thought to myself...why does it have to be so far away...why can't today be Thursday? I soon got over that and was excited just to have the appointment scheduled. I know that God has a purpose for His timing, for His timing is always perfect.

One of my best friends called me the other day and told me that she played (as loud as she could in her car) the song "Life Light Up" by Christy Nockels. That put a huge smile on my face. It is one of my favorite songs. Here are some of the lyrics to the song...

With You, I can go anywhere
I can do anything
You are the song I bring...

With You, You are the air I breathe
'Cause You are my everything
And I am Your offering...

I may live and I may die
Either way You're glorified
Bless the day I give my life away!

Let my life light up like the city lights
And let it burn for You in the darkest night

In You, I can begin again
I'm part of a bigger plan
'Cause You are the Great I Am!

It reminds me, especially during the trials in my life, why it is that I am alive and the purpose that Jesus has for my life on this earth. Jesus is my everything, He is the air that I breathe, I am His offering on this earth. I want to glorify Him through all that I am. I want to be the light to the darkness in our fallen world. I often say, "Whatever it takes Lord and if this is the way that you need to use me, then do it!" Now don't think for one minute that I sometimes don't want to take those words back...because there are moments that I want to. There are moments that I cry, I am frustrated, I am angry that I am going through this difficulty or that difficulty. And I do ask myself, "Why Lord, Why is this happening? or why do I have to do this, or that?"

It is then in those moments (maybe several moments later :)) that I am reminded that God is in control, He is the "great I am" and He ultimately reigns. He has chosen me as part of a bigger plan. A plan greater than I could ever imagine. A plan that reminds me that I am His offering.

Let the Spirit who gives life, shine through your life today. Allow your Father God to be praised today by your offering. Whether that be a smile you give someone to brighten up their day or taking five minutes to spend in God's word or maybe even sacrificing your time and resources to someone in need. Let your light shine upon others today. If you are especially having a hard day today, God will honor your sacrifice and bring you peace by the offering that you have chosen to give today.

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